5 Benefits of Myofascial Therapy

//5 Benefits of Myofascial Therapy

5 Benefits of Myofascial Therapy

Myofascial release, also known as “trigger point therapy” has been scientifically proven to provide relief from pain, and increase circulation, and to promote muscle healing and regeneration. This therapy can be provided along with specialized chiropractic care in order to promote greater healing and wellness. In myofascial therapy, chiropractors or massage therapists place gentle yet sustained pressure on your soft tissues to help release blockages, improve blood flow and nerve function, and promote healing. Here we look at 5 of the amazing benefits of myofascial therapy as provided by your chiropractor and what it can offer for your health.

Relieves Pain

One of the greatest benefits of myofascial release is that it helps to relieve chronic pain. It ss particularly beneficial in that it provides longer lasting relief because it targets the source and cause of the pain, rather than providing a ‘band-aid’ fix. By targeting tight tissues and releasing tension, myofascial therapy promotes relaxation and blood flow, relieving pain in the short term and promoting healing long term.

Improves Range of Motion and Mobility

Tight, sore and contracted muscles, fascia and soft tissue can reduce range of motion and even impact mobility and movement in daily life. Research has shown that myofascial therapy improves range of motion in muscles and soft tissue over time. Myofascial therapy does this by breaking up adhesions and reducing tension, without decreasing muscle force or activation.

Promotes Blood Flow and Lymph Movement

As tensions, blockages and adhesions in the muscles and soft tissue are released blood can flow and nerves can function more effectively and freely. Blood flow increases hydration and nutrient supply to the tissues to allow for faster healing. Myofascial therapy also improves the flow of lymph, which helps remove disease and pathogens from the body and boosts the immune system.

Improves Sleep

A study of the benefits of myofascial release for patients with fibromyalgia found that one of the most pronounced and long-lasting benefits of myofascial therapy was improved sleep quality. The benefits that myofascial therapy offered for improved sleep lasted even up to 6 months after myofascial therapy had finished!

Improves Quality of Life

Because of the benefits that “trigger point” therapy offers for pain relief, mobility, immune health and sleep quality, myofascial release improves your overall quality of life. With the ability to live a full, active and pain free life, those undergoing myofascial therapy often experience greater overall happiness and satisfaction.

Myofascial therapy has so many amazing benefits to overall function and quality of life. Talk to the chiropractors at Empowered Chiropractic today to learn more about what myofascial release therapy can do for you.

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