The Gut-Brain Connection: How Your Stomach Talks to Your Mind

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The Gut-Brain Connection: How Your Stomach Talks to Your Mind


Have you ever gotten nervous and suddenly had diarrhea? Or been super stressed out and gotten nauseous? Or been sad and found yourself craving comfort foods? Been angry and felt your stomach clench up? These are all signs that our brains and guts are communicating, synchronizing, working together.  

Do you know about the mind-gut connection? To drastically over simplify it, it’s the communication system and an entire biome in our guts that interacts with our bodies and minds, of microbes using hormones and neurotransmitters just like the ones our own body produces.


The Mind-Gut Connection Has a Wide Reach

Reacting to how you feel in the moment is one thing, but the living organisms in your gut have been found to affect or be affected by a lot more than that. There’s reason to believe that correcting gut imbalances can correct or prevent other, previously unrelated seeming, health issues.

This connection has been identified as possibly affecting:

But how can you take this information and increase your health?


Nutritional Testing and Food Supplements

The first step in creating a healthy, thriving gut biome is to find out how your gut is currently performing, through Nutritional Response Testing. Once you know what nutrients you’re absorbing well, what you are not, you can use real food supplements or whole foods to optimize your nutritional landscape. Adding in fermented and live foods can make a huge difference in your gut health, boosting live cultures of beneficial microbes. This is important, because creating a balanced gut biome includes fostering the cultures that deliver proper nutrients to you.


Chiropractic Adjustments

Your entire digestive system is connected to your nervous system, and relies on it for pathways to communicate between your brain and gut. Maintaining good spinal alignment is important to the health of your nervous system and the organs that use it. The connection between digestive organs and the spine is undeniable. Nerves in the thoracic and lumbar regions of the spine control the pace your body digests food, for instance. Keeping these pathways healthy benefits the whole system.

To set an appointment to be seen by an experienced Chiropractor who is qualified to help you with your gut health, contact us today.

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