4 Ways Chiropractic Care Helps With Pain Relief

//4 Ways Chiropractic Care Helps With Pain Relief

4 Ways Chiropractic Care Helps With Pain Relief

You might associate chiropractic care with the back and neck, thinking you would only need a chiropractor if you have spinal problems. Chiropractic care actually helps with whole-body pain relief and management, even for chronic pain conditions that do not seem directly related to the spine.

1 – Correcting Spine Alignment Reduces Nerve Pressure

Your spine contains and protects the spinal cord and nerves that run down your back from the brain and branch out through the body. When you’ve suffered an injury that damages your spine or pushes vertebrae out of alignment, then your nerves will be subject to pressure. That pressure can cause not only back pain but also referred pain, where other parts of the body (usually the part of the body linked to the affected nerve) experience pain while the injured site does not.

A chiropractor’s work is focused on spine health and alignment, realigning the spine to relieve pressure on sensitive nerves. Research shows that chiropractic care can reduce or eliminate spinal pain and malfunction (1), such as disc herniation. Chiropractors also address joints and other parts of your skeletal system, which helps to reduce nerve pain in your limbs and entire body. For example, a Chiropractor can help to reduce alignment problems related to whiplash and sciatica.

2 – Improving Joint Health, Function, and Range of Motion

Doctors of Chiropractic work from the understanding that the structure and health of the spine affect the function and health of the entire body. Based on this, chiropractors take actions to promote spinal health and alignment. These treatments relieve pain and swelling in the spine and elsewhere, which alone can improve function.

Chiropractors address the whole skeletal system, including joints. The adjustments and corrections they make can reduce joint pain, improve joint health and improve range of motion. A Chiropractor can tell you the right ways to move to protect your health, such as setting up an ergonomic work station or how to lift heavy objects.

3 – Promoting Self-Healing

Research shows that when Chiropractors manipulate the spine and extremities, the adjustments can reduce inflammation, improve blood flow, and promote self-healing. When you’re injured, you probably aren’t always sure what exercise or techniques will help your body avoid further damage. A Doctor of Chiropractic is trained to not only address the injury, but can also recommend appropriate exercises and the best rehabilitation plan to assist your healing process.

4 – Reducing or Eliminating Reliance on Pain Medication

When you take pain medication, you ingest something that affects your whole body, maybe even inducing unwanted side effects. Pain medications often require higher and higher doses over time to remain effective. Chiropractic care offers 100% natural, holistic and drug-free pain relief solutions, using ARP wave therapy, laser therapy and ultrasound therapy to promote natural blood flow and steady healing and pain relief.

Chiropractic care offers a range of pain relief treatments that are completely natural, non-invasive, and address whole body health. Talk to your local chiropractor today about finding the best natural pain relief with chiropractic today.

(1) Rubinstein SM, van Middelkoop M, et. al, “Spinal manipulative therapy for chronic low-back pain,” Cochrane Database Syst Rev (2): CD008112. doi:10.1002/14651858.CD008112.pub2. PMID 21328304.

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