3 Sleeping Positions to Prevent Morning Pain

3 Sleeping Positions to Prevent Morning Pain

Have you ever woken up in the morning with pain and stiffness? If you said yes you are not alone. Many people wake up in the morning with stiffness and pain. It’s more than likely nothing serious and can be corrected with the right sleeping position. The wrong sleeping position can affect you, the wrong type of pillow can harm your sleep, along with dehydration and stress can do damage to your body when you sleep. But we are here to help you with that annoying pain in the morning and hopefully these sleeping positions can help with that. So lets jump right in!

Side Sleeper

It’s a well know fact that sleeping on your side is the best for neck pain. Sleeping on your back is also recommended but I will talk about that next. There are a variety of things that can play a role on the quality of sleep when you are sleeping on your side. The correct pillow high, position of your arms, and position of your legs. There can be other health benefits of sleeping on your side that relates to our body’s internal anatomy. Sleeping on your left side can be connected to helping heartburn, digestion, better circulation and drainage of toxins with our lymph nods.

  • Pillow Height

When sleeping on your side you need to find the perfect pillow that can accommodate your side sleeping style. Make sure that the pillow is the correct high so that you neck is in alignment with the rest of your spine. Using a pillow that is to high can put stress on your spine and the muscles around the vertebra. While having a pillow that is to low can cause the same damage as a pillow that is to high.

  • Leg Pillow

Once you have found the correct pillow high for you sleeping on your side you need to accommodate the lumbar or lower back alignment. By placing a pillow in between your legs it helps the lower vertebrae stay in alignment while keeping your hips in the correct position. I know it might feel weird at first but when you wake with no stiffness you will thank me.

  • Arm Pillow

The last thing I will be talking about for side sleepers in putting a pillow under your arm. This is another thing a lot of people over look when sleeping on their sides. By putting a pillow under their arm helps prevent rotation of the thoracic or middle of the spine. It keeps your spine in alignment while preventing you from rolling over onto your stomach which can lead to neck related pain.

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