5 Stretches to Help With Neck Pain

Stretches to Help With Neck Pain

From time to time we all have that one lingering thing that always keeps us awake or unable to think clearly during the day, her/his name is neck pain. It’s such a common thing that almost everyone experiences neck pain throughout their life’s. It can be caused by a variety of things but can also be treated in a variety of ways. Today we will talk about 5 stretches that can help relieve neck pain and keep it away.

Causes of Neck Pain

  • Stress
  • Poor Posture
  • Working at a desk for long periods of time
  • Car accidents
  • Heart attacks
  • Awkward movement in an exercise
  • Sleeping in a bad position
  • Falling

Neck Pain Solutions

Usually, neck pain isn’t a serious condition and can be relieved within the next few days. Now, if the pain continues for over a week seek the advice of a local chiropractor for the cause of the neck pain. Getting adjusted can help with the pain but proper neck stretches and exercises can keep the neck where it is suppose to be. Saying that there are many home exercises that can help combat the neck pain which include ice packs, better posture and massages. But for the most part, home exercises can help the ailment.


  • Seated Clasping Neck Stretch

First you are going to want to sit on the ground on in a chair. After doing so you will want to clasp your hands together and rest them on the back lower portion of your head. Once you do that proceed to sit straight up and pull your hands toward the ground. At this point you will start to feel a stretch and pull accordingly to how it feels. Once you feel a good stretch hold it there for 30 seconds then release. Repeat 3 times.

  • Head Nod

Now start by lowering your chin towards your chest region. Once you get to that position slowly lean your head back as if you are looking at the sky. When you start to look at the sky make sure you are sitting up straight maintaining good posture and exhale on the way back. Try and let your head naturally fall back and just focus on your breathing.

  • Bent over Head Nod

This stretch will be deeper than the one before but will also help the front of the neck along with the back of the neck. Try and do this stretch 10 times within the same stretching period for about 5 seconds each stretch.

Now this stretch is the same as the one I just stated above but this time you will be bending at the waist. You will slowly want to start to bend at the waist and leg your head hang down as if you are pulling your chin to your chest. Then slowly start to raise your head back as if you’re looking at the sky. Remember to exhale when you tilt your head back and inhale when you are pulling your chin to your chest.

  • Side Neck Pulls

This stretch will work on the sides of your neck and you will want to do them 3 times daily for 30 seconds each stretch.

Now you can do this stretch standing or seated, what ever you feel most comfortable with! You are going to start off by sitting up with your shoulders back to form good posture. You are then going to want to gently take your right hand and place it on the top of your head. Gently pull your head to the right side while exhaling and hold for 30 seconds. Repeat this stretch three times on that one side them move on to the other side using your left hand and placing it on top of your head. Then gently pull to the left side while maintaining good posture and hold for 30 seconds.

  • Neck Circles

This stretch will help mobilize all the muscles in your neck and you will want to complete this stretch 3 times for each side of rotation.

You can start in a seated or standing position. Like all of the other stretches you are going to want to be straight up with good posture. You are going to start by letting your head drop forward as you pull your chin to your chest. You then can start by rotating your head clockwise like your are drawing a circle with your nose. Once you have completed one rotation and ended back up with your chin pointing at your chest start another rotation counter clockwise. Repeat three rotations per side.

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