5 Stretches to Reduce Back Pain & Tightness

Stretches to Reduce Back Pain

We all have that one thing that always bothers us on a day to day basis. For some this can be back pain and tightness and for others it can be neck pain. But today we will go over various stretches to help combat that annoying pain and tightness. For many of us during this time of Covid-19 we are sitting at home or at our deck all day and that can lead to back pain. By preforming daily stretches it can help loosen the muscles and improve your flexibility making your body ready for the days ahead. You just have to remember that this pain is temporary and with proper stretches and chiropractic care it will subside. Luckily for you today we will go over the best stretches to alleviate that pain on the spot. So let’s jump right in!

Knee to Chest

Use this stretch to focus on the lower back muscles. For this you will want to lie on your back to start off. You will then slowly bend a knee of your choice and place your hands over your knee. You also can place your hands behind your knee to make it easier to pull to your chest. You will then proceed to slowly pull your knee towards your chest and hold that position for around 20-30 seconds.

After that let your leg back down and repeat on the opposite side. You will want to repeat this stretch three times for each leg.

Laying Knee Twist

This stretch focuses on the paraspinal muscles and abdominal muscles. You will want to start by lying on your back with your legs extended. You will want to bend a knee of your choice and then cross it over your body. So it is like you are rotating your hips. You will want to hold this stretch for about 20 seconds. Now repeat the steps with the opposite leg. You will want to repeat each stretch three times.

Cat Cow

You will want to start this stretch on your knees with your arms down under your shoulders. (imagine you are a dog). You will then want to inhale while rounding your back like a cat does when it is scared. Make sure for this first part that you are keeping your core tight. After that you will then want to slowly exhale and arch your back to feel a deep stretch. Rotate between these two stretches and hold each one for about ten seconds focusing on the stretch. Repeat each stretch 10-15 times for best results.

Cobra Stretch

This stretch focuses on the lower back and tight core muscles. You will want to start by lying facedown with your palms on the ground in front of you. You will then slowly push your self upwards so that your back is in flexion with your hips on the ground and your forearms are laying flat on the ground. You will then want to slowly start to push your self up more so you feel the stretch in your lower back and hold for 10 seconds. After you will want to slowly lower your self back to the start position and repeat 3 times. Over time you will start to be able to ho higher and higher due to the muscles becoming more flexible.

Prayers pose or Childs Pose

To start this pose you will want to position yourself on the floor on your hands and knees just wider than your hips. You will then turns your feet so that your toes are pointed towards each other. Once you are in a comfortable position you will slowly start to lean forward and reach your arms out in front of you and letting your head relax on the ground once you are fully extended. Hold this position for 20 seconds and repeat three times.


One of the most important things you need to remember is to relax. In between each stretch just take a second to take a breath and calm your mind. Our mind is a powerful thing and when we just take a second everything will begin to loosen up. Even if your arn’t doing the stretches at a paint in the day just take a minute to recollect your self and breathe.

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