Advanced Knee Pain Therapy

Knee Pain and Shoulder Pain Relief - Empowered Chiropractic in Danville, CA There are a variety of reasons why an individual might be experiencing knee pain. Conditions such as Osteoarthritis of the knee, problems with patella traction, loss of motion in the knee, bursitis, and repetitive stress of the joint can all cause pain and discomfort in the knee.
Some knee problems are due to meniscus tears that may or may not have healed or previous surgeries of the knee that has left painful scar tissue in the area. With Osteoarthritis, often times we hear patients say that they have “bone on bone”, or loss of cartilage. Patellar injuries will make the knee feel unstable and weak, or feel like it’s going to “give out”.

Advanced knee pain management in Danville

Dr. Mahsa has a specialized program that utilizes a combination of specialized devices and therapies in combination with home care to help alleviate and reduce and often time eliminate knee pain.

Our procedures use cutting edge technology to restore function in the knee joint and strengthen the knee complex such as the muscles that support the knee, with no pain and no down time. These procedures are non-invasive, comfortable and can show improved results with just a few sessions.

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Multi-Radiance Cold laser therapy is known to reduce inflammation, pain and restore tissue function. ARP Wave therapy is an advanced electrical rehab machine designed for pro-athletes who don’t have the time to have surgery. We have seen tremendous result with just ARP wave alone in strengthening the knee, and even seen tears in the calf as well as other areas such as the should or ankle, heal without unnecessary surgery. After a thorough examination the doctor will know whether or not our knee program is right for each individual patient. With more complex problems in the knee the doctor may require a recent MRI or X-ray to fully understand the problem.

Knee on Trac is a unique knee decompression machine. Similar to spinal decompression, Knee on Trac will gently traction the knee joint, providing relief from painful conditions in the knee. Empowered Chiropractic Danville is one of the only offices in the east bay that has this device. Our patients love being able to do a squat without pain after using this specialized machine. Once you have been evaluated, the doctor will create a personalized program for your in office treatment and home care treatment.

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