Beautiful, clean and spacious. The place just feels good to be in. Dr Mahsa is a top quality chiropractor (and person) who deeply cares about her clients and their results. She is knowledgeable on many levels and provides a ‘mamma bear’ experience that is both comforting and caring. I feel that I am in good hands with her. I would highly recommend this place.  P.S. The music she plays is awesome!

Neck Pain ReliefKristina L., Walnut Creek, CA

Dr Mahsa is amazing!  Had a great experience here. She is very knowledgeable and friendly. This is also a very nice chiropractic office, large and filled with lots of high tech devices. She did a great job with a full completed assessment on my body and was able to relieve lower back pain.  Enjoyed all the different machines that were used to help make me feel better and relive and prevent any future pain.  This is a great place if you looking for a good Chiro Dr that knows there stuff and wants to help fix you and make sure you don’t injure yourself in the future. I also noticed they also offer healthier lifestyle including diet, exercise, and other remedies.  I appreciate all of the amazing service here.

Neck PainJones K., Walnut Creek, CA

I can’t say enough positive things about this place. Dr. Mahsa has done wonders for my entire family and I. She is amazing and truly cares about your health and well being. I recommend her to everyone one I know. The massage therapist she has in the office, Kristina, is amazing. If I could afford to see her 3 times a week, I would. Kristina and Dr. Mahsa work together so you get the most out of your treatments. Kristina’s abilities surprise me every time I see her. She is a great massage therapist and highly recommend her.

Alamo ChiropractorHeartless L., Castro Valley, CA

Dr. Mahsa is the kind of person you want to refer all your friends to.  She treated my chronic back pain using a combination of techniques that was way more effective than anyone I had seen before.  She has treated me, and now both my sons, for over two years.  The office staff is great too.  She is friendly, professional and very welcoming.  I always leave her feeling good.

Family ChiropractorJeffrey W., Alamo, CA

Dr. Mahsa has been wonderful for my family and I since day one. I was referred to her by a close friend and was glad I went to see her. I’m at the gym at least 5 days a week and my back pain was interfering with my workouts and sleep. She completed an assessment and I was back on my feet in no time. Since I had such a great experience with her, I brought my entire family in and they’ve been feeling great with her adjustments as well. It’s difficult to know who to go to when there are so many different chiropractors out there. I’m known to research for the “best” out there and I believe I’ve found it! I recommend you go see her.

Back PainKassy T., Danville, CA

I’ve been seeing Dr. Mahsa for several years. She has helped me address chronic pains in my neck and back, and today I feel better than I’ve ever felt in my life. My positive experiences led me to bring in my wife and children who are now all benefiting from Dr. K’s healing gift. Beyond just adjustments, Dr. K has helped guide our family to a healthier lifestyle including diet, exercise, and other remedies. I feel truly gifted she is part of my life. I’m certain you would find her easy manner and deep commitment to chiropractic practice a great benefit whatever your reasons for seeking therapy.

Danville ChiropractorKirk M., Danville, CA

Dr. Mahsa is so positive, friendly, knowledgeable and great at what she does. Her team in the clinic is great too! It is easy to book appointments and the environment is calming yet energizing. I feel great going in and out!

Alamo ChiropractorCindy K., Alamo, CA

I’ve been treated by chiropractors throughout California for over 20 years. Dr. K is, by far, the most effective of any one of them. She has a comprehensive and unique approach to my treatment that has provided me with a great deal of relief…and the results are faster than I’ve ever experienced! You can’t ask for a better doctor than her. Wish I had found her a lot earlier. Would have saved me a lot of aggravation… and extra doctor visits!

Blackhawk ChiropractorDrew S., Walnut Creek, CA

My husband forced me to see Dr. Mahsa and I’ve been seeing her ever since. I was very skeptical on our first meet and just went along with it to appease my husband. I’ve had chronic pains: headaches, lower back, neck pains, tennis elbow, shoulder pain and irregular sleep at the time. My first time was no walk in the park. I got adjusted and felt like crap.  She did warn me that I will feel tender and just out of sort but over time ALL of my chronic pain started to go away! I also saw a significant change in my daughters posture: they both have scoliosis they got it from their dad. We are feeling so much better that my husband and I started training for an upcoming marathon. Dr. Mahsa and her staff are friendly, professional and so DAMN good at what they do. She’s like a family to us. WE TRULY LOVE HER!

Danville ChiropractorMarylou M., Danville, CA

I started seeing Dr. Mahsa when I fell and hurt my lower back.  She immediately helped relieve my pain and got me back on the hiking trails.  I encourage everyone come and visit Dr. Mahsa at Empowered Chiropractic!

Sonya D.